Saint John Vianney High School is privileged to have three publications which appear at various times during the year. The Lancer's Point (school newspaper) is available online weekly. Excalibur (the literary journal) displays student writing and artwork and is published in the spring of each academic year. The Cavalier (the school yearbook) details all avenues of our community and is published in the spring of each academic year.

SJV's Publications

Lancer's Point

Our School Newspaper

The staff of the Lancer's Point is comprised primarily of the students enrolled in Journalism classes. However, any student in the school has the opportunity to submit entries to the newspaper. This can be done by presenting material to one's English class teacher or by contacting the newspaper advisor or a member of the staff. Because the Lancers' Point is the primary means of channeling newsworthy information to the school community, entries from the student body at large are encouraged and welcomed.


Literary Journal

The staff of the Literary Journal meets twice a month to prepare the works submitted by SJV students for the annual publication, and possibly, for entry into literary competition. Any student who is hard working and/or creative is welcome to join the group. This is the perfect opportunity for poets, songwriters, artists, and photographers to go public with their talent!


Saint John Vianney's Yearbook - The Cavalier

The Cavalier staff needs dedicated, responsible students to produce the yearbook! Previous experience is NOT necessary! The only requirement is that students have a desire to learn how to use computer tools to design layout or write copy. You are invited to get involved with what could be the most rewarding experience of your high school years! Come join one of the yearbook staffs!!

Did you know?

The Cavalier is consistently recognized by Taylor Publishing as an award winning publication and is featured by the company as one of the top yearbooks in the country! Past awards include those for best originality of theme, creativity in art design, layout and, special features sections.