Guidance Office

Our Guidance Services are dedicated to a Christian Ministry to the school community and is based on the democratic concept of the dignity and worth of the individual: that each individual can develop, to the best of their ability, the capacity to solve their own problems and to make their own decisions.


Our goal is to have our graduates become self-sufficient, and able to understand and deal confidently with the expectations of society.


The main purpose of the Guidance Department at Saint John Vianney High School is counseling; counseling with individuals and groups. During counseling sessions, time is devoted to personal, career, and academic concerns.


An integral part of our services is the management of information. We compile information about careers, colleges, vocational and technical schools. We also have information about local, state, private, and federal sources of financial aid; and about local and state resource agencies. We track information about individual students - interest, achievements, aptitudes, and plans. College counseling is an essential part of the counseling program as well. Navianceweb services are used by our parents and students to assist with their college search. Individual student and parent meetings, as well as group meetings are included throughout the college investigation process.

College Board Number (CEEB#) for Saint John Vianney is 310568.

The Guidance Staff Members

Ms. J. Schebell
Director of Guidance
schebell@sjvhs.orgX 156
Mr. W. Bulman, Counselorbulman@sjvhs.orgX 117
Mrs. M. Burns, Counselorburns@sjvhs.orgX 116
Ms. L. Masone, Counselormasone@sjvhs.orgX 119
Mrs. J. Shalkowski, Counselormrss@sjvhs.orgX 118
Ms. J. Cooper, Secretarycooper@sjvhs.orgX 120