Strength and Conditioning

For athletes to excel in their sport of choice, there needs to be a complete strength and conditioning program in place to optimize success and ensure peak physical condition.


At Saint John Vianney High School, our strength and conditioning programs are designed to prepare the athlete's body for the strength and metabolic demands of our strenuous athletic season. The mission of the strength and conditioning program is to maximize each athlete's genetic potential in every component of athleticism while decreasing the potential for injury in a manner that is safe and effective.


  • Strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments to decrease the risk of injury
  • Enhance athleticism for a more successful high school career
  • Prepare students for collegiate-level sports
  • Promote an intense but motivating atmosphere for all athletes
  • Teach the importance of every component of training


Over the years, there have been many methods developed to strength-train athletes. It has been found that a combination of explosive movements (Olympic lifts, plyometrics), strength training, and kinesthetic awareness training is best for the high school athlete. Athletes must realize that each component of their training is equally important as all the others. Each day of training must start with an active and dynamic warm-up routine. From there, athletes are ready to begin their weight training program. Upon the completion of weight training, athletes will move onto a mobility routine, which will improve the athlete's body to be ready to train for plyometric, speed, and agility training.