Virtual Learning

Virtual classrooms at saint john vianney high school

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint John Vianney High School moved to online instruction from March through June of 2020. Thanks to an enduring commitment to state-of-the-art classroom technology, a successful launch of online learning minimized disruptions and allowed us to maintain our high academic standards. Now, these technologies enable greater choice for students and families and a safer learning environment for all. As of Fall 2020, in-person, hybrid, and virtual high school classes have been offered for all students via our Holmdel, New Jersey campus.

Expanding Learning Opportunities

Saint John Vianney High School has always been at the cutting edge of technology. Our students enjoy access to the very best technological tools to enhance their learning experience, from our 1-1 tablet pc program to hands-on education in science classrooms and technology labs.

Years of experience in educational technology integration have simplified our navigation of the challenges posed by COVID-19. Our team worked hard, adapting our existing technology to create an at-home learning platform that promotes student safety, engagement, and success. The result is a virtual classroom that closely captures the experience of in-person learning. Going forward, virtual high school classes will support a wide range of needs, from health concerns to individual academic preferences.

A Fully Interactive Classroom Experience

Saint John Vianney High School understands that each student and their family require an individualized approach to learning. Our virtual classroom makes this possible with a network of professional-quality cameras, speakers, and interactive display screen that support in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. This technology enables teachers to provide personalized instruction and guidance on a student-by-student basis with all the benefits of a traditional high school classroom, including:

  • Participation in discussions
  • Collaboration on projects and assignments
  • In-class presentations
  • Problem-solving in real-time

Classes are offered in a 4x4 block schedule, and both in-person and at-home students are able to interact with peers and instructors thus ensuring continuity of learning for all students, no matter how they attend classes.

why choose Virtual High School Classes?

At Saint John Vianney High School, we believe that choice is the key to success. Students are best able to thrive academically and personally in a learning environment that fits their needs. Our virtual classes offer students all of the following advantages:

  • Flexibility: From minimizing risk during COVID-19 to managing recovery from an illness, virtual learning ensures students receive a top-quality education without the need to visit campus.
  • Differentiated instruction: Teachers can offer students choices, facilitate different modes of learning, and encourage peer-to-peer learning experiences, even when some students are away from campus.
  • Community: Virtual education doesn’t mean isolation. Our platform allows all students to participate fully and feel the powerful connections of a caring, vibrant Catholic community.
  • Forward-thinking: Education is no longer contained only in a brick and mortar location. Virtual classrooms teach skills students need to succeed in the diverse environments they will experience in college, the workplace, and all of their future endeavors.

Learn More about Virtual High School Classes

A great Catholic education begins with the power of choice. Whether your high school student would benefit most from in-person instruction, a hybrid model, or virtual learning, Saint John Vianney offers flexible educational choices that will work for you. To learn more about virtual high school classes and our Holmdel, NJ Catholic school, contact us today via phone or email.