Early College Academy

Saint John Vianney High School welcomed its inaugural class of Early College Academy students in September 2014. Created in conjunction with Brookdale Community College (recently named New Jersey’s #1 Associate Degree College), the Early College Academy at SJVHS provides the opportunity for select students to earn an Associate of Arts degree in Social Sciences from Brookdale Community College while earning their high school diploma. As the only Catholic high school in Monmouth County to have this type of coalition with a public two-year college, Saint John Vianney High School is excited about the future of our new coalition and its expansion as we welcome new ECA students each year.


Students who enroll into the Early College Academy will take all of their BCC classes at Saint John Vianney High School for the first three years. In their fourth year, they will travel to Brookdale Community College for the majority of their classes (Theology 12 will be taught at SJVHS). Our teachers at SJVHS who provide BCC course instruction are approved by the college as adjunct instructors. The cost of the program will be a percentage of BCC’s full-time tuition divided over the course of a student’s four years at Saint John Vianney High School.


We have developed a curriculum map (displayed on this page) to accommodate our students’ interest in math, science, and arts electives. This curriculum plan allows the students to earn appropriate credits for a high school diploma, meet the needs of four-year colleges, and earn an Associate of Arts in Social Sciences or Associate of Science in Computer Science degree from Brookdale Community College.

For more information about our Early College Academy and how your child can take advantage of this opportunity, contact our main office.

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Brookdale Community College

Sample Curriculum Maps

ECA A.A. Social Science

ECA A.S. Computer Science