Since its founding in 1969, Saint John Vianney High School has strived to provide students with an academic curriculum that is both rigorous and well-rounded. With more than 99% of our graduates going on to attend college, we fully prepare our students for the challenges of college academics. We offer a wealth of different courses to allow the students of Saint John Vianney High School to fully develop their capabilities, enrich their personal lives, and enhance their growth as Christian leaders in the community.

CUrriculum Guide 2019-2020

Class Categories

In order to provide students with a complete education, we have a number of Academic Departments.

Click on the department titles to open a flow chart version of course offerings.

Theology:Classes include an introductory Catholic teachings course, aimed at students who come from different faiths, as well as classes that focus on the history of the Church and the application of Church doctrine to modern issues.

Business and Technology: Courses include marketing, accounting, computer-aided design (CAD), communication technology, robotics, engineering, and video communications.

English: Classes include journalism, creative writing, yearbook, standard, honors, and AP Literature and AP Language and Composition.

Fine and Performing Arts: Courses include theater, chorus, piano, guitar, band, advanced drawing, photography, textile design, and AP Art Studio.

Mathematics: Courses range from algebra and geometry/trig, to mathematics modeling, calculus, statistics, and AP Calculus AB and BC and AP Statistics.

Physical Education and Health: Each grade level has physical education and health classes. Physical education options include volleyball, yoga, tennis, weight room. The Health course include wellness topics, drivers education, drug education and first aid along with CPR and life skills.

Science: Classes include chemistry, biology, marine biology, anatomy, physics, forensics, and AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics 1 and 2.

Social Studies: Courses include U.S. history, world history, American law, American civilization, sociology, economics, psychology, and AP US History, AP US Government, and AP World History.

World Language: Course offerings are French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese.

Early College Academy Courses

Saint John Vianney High School is proud to offer a unique program that allows students to obtain an associate's degree in conjunction with their high school diploma. The courses available through this program include computer science, speech, English comp, and a variety of other mathematics, world language, and social studies offerings.

Participation in College Athletics

Student-athletes who wish to participate in NCAA athletics must meet certain academic requirements. These requirements are set by the NCAA Clearinghouse, and can be viewed - CLICK HERE.

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Forensics: Students use black lightning powder to dust for latent (invisible) fingerprints throughout the school! They will then bring them back to class and analyze them for pattern, minutiae patterns, and ridge counts - just as real forensic scientists use to collect and analyze fingerprint evidence from crime scenes.

Mac Lab - Holmdel, NJ - Saint John Vianney High School

CAD Class

Chemistry Experiment - Holmdel, NJ - Saint John Vianney High School

Physics Experiment