Block Scheduling

Saint John Vianney High School’s 4x4 Block Schedule creates a longer period of time for instruction and for learning. Students are enrolled in four courses each semester that meet every day for 90 days, and each of the four blocks lasts seventy-seven minutes. Traditional, year-long courses are completed in one semester, and students only concentrate on four classes at a time.

The Block Schedule allows teachers to vary teaching methods more often. They integrate small group and whole class discussions to further develop topics. To enhance the content of course curricula, our teachers can integrate Catholic Social Teachings and 21st Century skills, and they still have time to help students on a more individual basis, whether during class or the lunch/activity period.

Additionally, our students graduate with more academic credits than do those students who complete four years in high schools with traditional schedules. Therefore, our students can enrich or remediate their course of study as needed during their four years. Moreover, they become accustomed to the type of course schedule they will experience in college.

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