Once On This Island

Recently winning a Tony award for Best Revival of a Musical, Once On This Island is a captivating legend of romance between a peasant girl and a rich city boy whom she saves from death. This calypso-flavored re-telling of The Little Mermaid opens on a Caribbean island where villagers comfort a little girl with the story of the orphan Ti Moune, destined to love too much for the human heart to bear. Staged with minimal props, sets, and costumes, Once On This Island delivers melody, love and joy in tropical abundance. CLICK HERE to order tickets

Ti Moune - Sophia Murillo '18
Agwe/Co-Director/Choreographer - Nick Hunt '18
Mama Euralie/Co-Music Director - Ava Valentino '17
Papa Ge - Ariana Maturi '19
Tonton Julian - David Bayha '19
Daniel - Will Demuria '18
Story Teller/Choreographer - Adia Montogomery '17
Erzulie - Sophia Gambale
Asaka - Alyssa Jones
Andrea - Nicole Vota
Story Tellers - Ariana Janus '18, Cathleen Kane '19, Zoe Lester '19, Kiera Forsythe, Gabrielle Alvarado, Amaya Hemmings, Zora Dancy, Nataline Leite, Rebecca Crawford

Lighting Design/Stage Manager - Alyssa Bowne '18
Grace McKinney, Elizabeth Alvardo, Samantha Bell, Frank Sveva