The Technology Department has an ever-increasing importance in the academic life at Saint John Vianney High School.

The team is responsible for maintaining the school network, training the students, faculty, and staff on the software titles and equipment available at the school. They are also instrumental in assisting with technology integration into the school's curriculum. As a self-maintainer site for our tablet vendors, the majority of tablet repairs are done on site.


The faculty and students have entered into the Age of Technology over the last thirteen years with amazing vision and fortitude. Since our pilot year (2004-2005) of the Tablet PC Program, each of the succeeding freshmen classes has eagerly entered into SJV’s 1-1 computer environment. Concentrating on in-services for the faculty that prepared them to operate the tablets, projection devices, and sound systems marked the first order of business. Software training on their electronic gradebook, webpage creation, PowerPoint use, and curriculum-based digital resources has also been offered. Curriculum enhancements are occurring each year, with textbook companies offering more and more digital resources to support their printed media.

Each classroom has been retrofitted with a wireless ceiling-mounted projection device and sound system. Whiteboards have replaced chalkboards in the front of each classroom.

Teachers have realized that students love to use technology! They are taking advantage of this enthusiasm to integrate technology into their curriculum. Wireless projection from the tablet PC allows the teacher a means to show a visual presentation, have the students enhance it, let the teacher save the presentation, and then post it to their webpage for future reference by the class and those students that may have been absent for the lesson.

Parents and students are enjoying 24-7 access not only to teachers’ Canvas for curriculum information, but also for grades and attendance records through PowerSchool. Students are able to collaborate using Google Apps and school issued email addresses on our domain.

Yes, we have been hit by the Information Age and are all learning, growing, and becoming digital learners and instructors!


Verizon’s FIOS is our Internet gateway. Saint John Vianney High School has embraced the Internet’s power and versatility for its current and prospective community members. To maintain the safety of our students, our school is CIPA compliant.

Students Studying and Working Around Table in Library