The Technology Department plays a pivotal role in the academic landscape at Saint John Vianney High School, reflecting the ever-growing significance of digital skills in education.

This dynamic team oversees the school's network, providing essential training to students, faculty, and staff on a range of software applications and equipment available on campus. They also play a crucial role in seamlessly integrating technology into the school's curriculum. With a self-sustaining site for tablet maintenance, a significant portion of repairs are efficiently handled on campus.

Over the past 20 years, both faculty and students have embraced the Age of Technology with remarkable vision and an innovation spirit. Beginning with the Tablet PC Program pilot year in 2004-2005, successive freshman classes have eagerly embraced SJV's 1-1 computer environment. Extensive in-services were provided to faculty, equipping them to navigate tablets, projection systems, and sound technology. Moreover, comprehensive software training covered electronic gradebooks, webpage creation, PowerPoint utilization, and access to curriculum-based digital resources. The curriculum continues to evolve, with textbook companies offering an expanding array of digital supplements alongside traditional print media. As we continue to move forward, we are integrating the latest developments in Artifical Intelligence into the curriculum as well.

Teachers have recognized that students are enthusiastic about utilizing technology. This enthusiasm has become an invaluable asset in integrating technology seamlessly into the curriculum. Every classroom is equipped with PCs, interactive displays, and PTZ Cameras that empowers teachers to present visuals, encourage student interaction, save and archive presentations, and post them on webpages for future reference by the class and absentees.

Parents and students benefit from 24-7 access to teachers' Canvas platform for curriculum details, as well as grades and attendance records through PowerSchool. Collaborative efforts are facilitated through Google Apps and school-provided email addresses on our domain.

Infrastructure-wise, our network is at the cutting edge of technology. Saint John Vianney High School fully embraces the power and versatility of the internet for both current and prospective community members. Our commitment to student safety is demonstrated by our compliance with CIPA regulations.

Technology will play a significant role in our students' future endeavors, and we remain committed to providing them with the essential skills necessary for success.

Students Studying and Working Around Table in Library