Student Activities

Student Activities

Students Having Club Meeting - Saint John Vianney High SchoolActivities Coordinator: Ms. Shalkowski - - Ext 252

Monthly Club Meetings are posted on the School calendar.

Introduction: Joining a club offers you the opportunity to become actively involved in school, while making new friends, developing your interests and talents, and helping others at the same time. You will find the experience to be a most rewarding one!

The clubs described here are opened to any student in the school who has an interest in what the club is all about. You are encouraged to consider joining at least one. If you are hesitant to do that alone, join with a friend! If you have any questions about the clubs, come into the Activities Office or ask the Club Advisor.

Generally, clubs meet twice a month, (every other week) during lunch. However, some clubs/activities have unique schedules based on their needs or may meet after school, as needed.

Plan on experiencing a successful school year! Plan on getting involved!

Service Clubs

Service Clubs are often social as well as educational but that have a very specific goal of providing services within the Saint John Vianney High School, local towns, national, or international communities.

Each service club has a unique perspective on providing students with knowledge, commitment and involvement! The moderator is responsible for meetings and directions for student activities.

This is a great way to get involved in something fun and make a difference at the same time!

Announcement Club
Film Club
Key Club
Military Support Club
More Than Just Special
Social Justice

Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs provide students that have an interest in a specific academic area to meet students with similar interests as well as providing them with additional exposure to the subject matter outside of the classroom.

The primary objective of these clubs is to have fun learning!

Creative Writing
History Club
Italian Club
Latino Club
Math Club
Mock Trial
Model UN
Poetry Club
Pre-Health Club

Social Clubs

Social Clubs are geared towards hobbies and talents. It is another way to meet people who have similar interests and get involved in school activities.

Animal Awareness Club
Art Club
Blessing Bag Brigade
Book Club
Calligraphy Club
Classic Car Club
Closet Rewind
Computer Club
Criminal Justice Club
Culinary Club
Cultural Awareness Club
Cyber Security Club
Digital Photography Club
Empowerment Club
Football Stats Club
Lancer vs Cancer
Light the Candle
Make a Difference Club
Power Building Club
Students for Life
Sustainability Club