AP Test Registration & Payment 2022

The 2022 AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 2 through May 13.

All students currently enrolled in AP courses will be required to sit for their course-specific AP exam.

Any SJV student may elect to take any of the AP exams offered by the College Board. Students wanting to take an exam for a course they are not currently enrolled in must notify Ms. Schebell (schebell@sjvhs.org) no later than November 1, 2021.

All students that will be taking an AP exam must sign up and pay for the exam. The fee is $136.00 per exam.

SJV can only give these AP Tests to students who are enrolled in Saint John Vianney High School.

Japanese Language & Culture - Mon. May 2nd - 8am
US Gov't & Politics - Mon. May 2nd - 8am
Chemistry - Mon. May 2nd - Noon
Spanish Lit. & Culture-Mon. May 2nd-Noon
Environmental Science - Tues. May 3rd - 8am
Psychology - Tues. May 3rd - Noon
English Lit. & Composition - Wed. May 4th-8am
Comparative Gov't & Politics-Wed May 4-Noon
Computer Science A - Wed. May 4th - Noon
Human Geography - Thurs. May 5th - 8am
Macroeconomics - Thurs. May 5th - 8am
Seminar - Thurs. May 5th - Noon
Statistics - Thurs. May 5th - Noon
European History - Fri. May 6th - 8am
US History - Fri. May 6th - 8am
Art History - Fri. May 6th - Noon
Microeconomics - Fri. May 6th - Noon

Art and Design - Fri. May 6th- Submit by 8pm
Calculus AB - Mon. May 9th - 8am
Calculus BC - Mon. May 9th - 8am
Computer Science Principles-Mon May 9 Noon
Italian Lang. & Culture - Mon. May 9th - Noon
English Lang. & Comp. -Tues. May 10th 8am
Physics C: Mechanics - Tues. May 10th - Noon
Physics C: Electric. & Magnetism-Tues. May 10th - 2pm
Chinese Lang. & Culture - Wed. May 11th - 8am
Spanish Lang. & Culture - Wed. May 11th - 8am
Biology - Wed. May 11th - Noon
French Lang. & Culture - Thurs. May 12th - 8am
World History: Modern - Thurs. May 12th - 8am
Physics 1: Algebra Based Thurs. May 12th Noon
German Lang. & Culture - Fri. May 13th - 8am
Music Theory - Fri. May 13th - 8am
Latin - Fri. May 13th - Noon
Physics 2: Algebra Based - Fri. May 13th - Noon

AP Exam Registration and Payment