AP Test Registration 2024


All students taking AP classes at SJHVS must pay for AP exams no later than October 15th. The cost is $98 per exam. Any payment made after October 15th will incur a $40 late fee. Any unused test will also incur a $40 fee.

Please use this form to register and pay for the AP Exam(s) that you will be taking.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Southern, southern@sjvhs.org

Dates are: CLICK HERE for a pdf of the tests, dates and times

If you are enrolled in an AP class for the 2023-2024 school year, you MUST take the AP test in May 2024.

If you wish to self-study for an AP exam that is not currently offered at SJV, you must receive approval from Mr. Southern (Guidance Director) prior to making payment. If you wish to self study for an AP course that you are not enrolled in, but is offered at SJV, you must receive approval from both the Department Chairperson of that subject AND Mr. Southern before making payment.

2024 AP Registration and Payment