Discipline Policy

Saint John Vianney High School makes every effort to recognize the right of each individual to enjoy academic and social experiences in an atmosphere which is conducive to physical‚ mental and moral growth. In this community‚ mutual respect for each individual is essential if the purpose of the school’s existence is to be realized.

As members of the SJVHS Community‚ the students are expected to act as mature young adults‚ aware of their rights, as well as their responsibilities‚ abiding by the guidelines of behavior which have been developed for the good of each individual and the good of the entire community. The students’ actions‚ manners and language should reflect consideration for others and should lend themselves to a harmonious school atmosphere.

The discipline code of Saint John Vianney High School has been designed to maintain order in the school so that each student and the entire student body can function properly. Our goal is to make each student aware that a breach of discipline affects him/her and the total group in some way. To counteract this negative effect‚ we hope to develop positive sanctions which will rectify the harm done to the individual or to the school group. Listed below is an outline of the basic rules‚ regulations and procedures of discipline at Saint John Vianney High School.

SJVHS will identify and remove students who are incorrigible or who require an inordinate amount of educators’ time and energy at the expense of the attention that better-behaved students deserve. Certainly, educators try to encourage and aid students in behavior and values adjustment‚ but limits for accomplishing this do exist within the school setting. Educators have neither the training nor the time for dealing with extreme cases. Please note that no refund on fees paid to Saint John Vianney High School shall be provided when a student is asked to withdraw.