Retreats are times for students to take a step back from their normal daily lives to see how God has been active in their hearts and in the world. There are two different retreats that Saint John Vianney High School offers its students.

Class Retreats

Each year students participate in a retreat day with the rest of their class. These retreats offer students the time to reflect on God’s role in their lives and the many ways they can know Him more deeply – through prayer, service and reflection.

Kairos Retreat

The word “Kairos” is the ancient Greek word meaning “the right or opportune moment.” In Christian theology the word refers to “an appointed time in the purpose of God.” The Kairos retreat is seen as just that: an appointed time in the purpose of God. We strongly believe that all the students who are on the Kairos retreat are responding to a call from God into a special life-changing experience. The retreat spans four days and three nights, during which time the retreatants can see and experience God in new and meaningful ways. We typically offer two Kairos retreats each year – in the Fall and in the Spring. Both Juniors and Seniors are welcome to attend this retreat.