Christian Service

Jesus’ call to love is a call to service. Saint John Vianney High School offers support to our students who respond to that call of love through a variety of different opportunities:


Saint John Vianney High School encourages its students to serve their communities through offering Christian Service. Due to COVID Restrictions that have impacted our Service Field Trips and Service Opportunities we have reduced the Senior Graduation requirement from 30 to 15 Hours this 2020-2021 School Year. All students who perform 15 hours of service or more will be recognized. Students are responsible for logging their hours through X2Vol. Parents and students can access information regarding how to log hours by going to the parent and student portals of the website as well as through Canvas.


As part of their senior year, seniors are required to complete 15 hours of service approved by the school. These hours count toward the 15 hours for being recognized for outstanding service to the community. Parents and students can access Senior Service Documents through the parent and student portals of the website as well as through Canvas.


The Campus Ministry Office sponsors three major collections each year for the whole school community: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. In addition, students are encouraged to work with the Campus Ministry Office to run their own collections. On average there are about 10-12 student initiated collections run each year.


The Christian Service Coordinator organizes bi-weekly service trips to Feeding All God's Children Soup Kitchen in Freehold, and NJ Veterans Memorial Home in Edison. These trips are open to all students and are chaperoned by various faculty/staff members of the SJV community. The goal of these service trips is to provide students and faculty/staff an opportunity to serve the local community together and to live out Jesus’ call to service others.

Students Volunteering at a local Food Pantry

SJV Students beautifying our campus!