Summer Reading 2020

Saint John Vianney High School requires students to participate in its Summer Reading program in order to meet the philosophy and goals of the school and to enhance its curricular program.

Each academic department recommends book titles, and appropriate grade levels for these, for inclusion in the Summer Reading List. Students must select two books from their suggested grade level and the students will submit these in an essay format within the first few weeks of school to a designated area of canvas. Evaluation of the essays follows a “pass/fail” rubric; students do not receive a specific grade on their Summer Reading Essay but must pass these in order to receive credit for their required English course.

Students who are enrolled in SJVHS’s Honors English program have additional reading and an additional assignment. AP-level students in English and US History have a separate reading list and must follow the guidelines for these courses.

In early summer of each academic year, Saint John Vianney High School posts, on its website, the book list of choices, directions for completing summer reading (including guidelines for writing the Honors English essays and for completing the AP English and AP US History reading requirements), and the rubric detailing “pass/fail” scoring guidelines. Please address any questions to Mrs. M. Kane at

PLEASE NOTE: Digital and/or print copies of some of these books are available through the SJV Library and our OverDrive digital library. Our students are able to read digital books from our OverDrive selections on any device (tablets, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, smart phones, etc.). These books are also available at your local library,, and local Barnes & Noble stores.

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