College Scholarship Opportunities

Seniors (and your parents) - as you prepare for applying to and accepting an offer to a college for next year, we have created this section of our webpage to assist you in your financial planning for this major next step in your educational experience. Please use the links in this section to investigate what scholarships might help your family financially prepare for this exciting time in your life.

For Graduating Seniors of Saint John Vianney High School


$1,000 is awarded to a graduating senior who will be attending college and planning to play baseball. The family requests that the student exemplifies Kevin’s spirit, humor, and demeanor. The baseball coach and administration nominate the recipient, but the Haran Family makes the final selection.


$1,000 is awarded to a graduating senior whom the Valentine Family determines best exemplifies the spirit of their son, Jonathan.

College Scholarships

Scholarship information sent from local, state, and national organizations to the Guidance Office is shared on a regular basis with students through email.

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