SJV to Launch Business Academy for Fall 2022

Saint John Vianney is rolling out a new dual-enrollment Business Academy, giving select students the opportunity to take college-level business courses and get a head start on their university career. The new initiative, which launches in September 2022, will be offered in partnership with courses offered by the University of Delaware, Georgian Court University and Brookdale Community College.  Participation in the academy will be offered to incoming freshmen who meet the academic requirements and are willing to enroll for all four years of high school. 

“It’s a big commitment! A student who enters the academy has a plan for academic success and is driven to step outside of their comfort zones and challenge themselves,” Mrs. Kane explains, “They will be exposed to college-level curriculum, critical thinking, project-based assessment, many of the experiences usually reserved for the first year or two of college.”

Once accepted, Business Academy students will be introduced to their first dual-enrollment course in ninth grade. In subsequent years they will take dual-enrollment courses in financial accounting, management theory, organizational behaviour, micro and macro economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship, as well as English and Psychology for a total of 13 college level courses. At the same time, students will take all of the requirements to graduate from the college preparatory high school including honors courses. All dual-enrollment courses will be taught on campus during the school day by SJV faculty who are certified as adjunct professors by the affiliated institutions. Upon completion of the Academy, students will have earned a total of 39 college credits.

SJV Principal Margaret Kane says the idea for the Business Academy grew from a desire to expand the school’s existing dual-enrollment (DE) offerings in a way that would maximize the impact for future students. SJV already offers an Early College Academy which allows students to earn an Associate of Arts in Social Science or an Associate of Science in Computer Science from Brookdale Community College while earning their high school diploma. The school also offers an AP Academy which gives students the opportunity to take a selection of Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses to earn almost a full year of college credits when they graduate. Dual enrollment classes are also offered through SJV’s Course Ahead program in partnership with Georgian Court University.

“There is such a demand for business courses in general, and many of our students plan to pursue business studies in college,” Mrs. Kane explains. “We were already offering some of the dual enrollment courses. This allows us to package them with new dual enrollment courses to create an exceptional academic experience, one that will make a student’s transcript stand out when it comes time to apply to college.” 

Even before the Fall 2022 rollout, Mrs. Kane says there are plans to expand the Business Academy to include speaking engagements and mentoring opportunities with area business leaders. SJV is also actively seeking business professionals who are interested in partnering with the school on this new endeavor. To learn more, contact Kelly Meany at