Kyle Earley will be the new head coach of the Varsity Ice Hockey Team. Earley has served as an assistant coach for the team for the last five years and will take over for Mick Messemer who has stepped down after eight years and an impressive 104-45-17 record that includes four Shore Conference Championships and three Egan Cups. Earley will coach alongside Assistant Coach Dan Tacopino, who will be returning for his thirteenth season. Of his new position, Earley said, “As a proud Saint John Vianney Hockey alumnus from the Class of 2008, I am extremely excited for this opportunity. I have been proud to be the assistant varsity coach for the past five seasons and look forward to continuing to grow this program and build on our success.”

Earley graduated from Saint John Vianney in 2008, where in addition to ice hockey, he also played football and lacrosse. Following graduation, he went on to get his Associate's Degree from Brookdale Community College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He currently works as a police officer for the Manalapan Police Department. 

Earley began his coaching career in 2009 with the New Jersey Junior Titans, where he still coaches today. He is also the Program Director and Co-Founder of the Manalapan Hockey Club and in the offseason is a Head Coach for NorthStar Elite Hockey in Boston. 

Since starting with Saint John Vianney Ice Hockey in 2017, Earley has had stints coaching offense, defense, and special teams at the varsity level. Earley has been instrumental to the success of the program and has incorporated NHL, college, junior, and ECHL practice plans and habits. He has also worked towards building a well-rounded program by organizing several volunteer opportunities for the team, including some that involved working with disabled individuals. 

Earley is eagerly looking forward to building upon the recent successes of the program, which during his tenure captured the Shore Conference Championship in 2018 and 2019, as well as the Egan Conference Championship in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

“Our success over the past few years has been solely based on the commitment from the athletes, parents, coaching staff, and school administration, as well as our ability to come together as a family. This is the culture that I plan to continue to instill and build in our future athletes.”