Alma Mater & Victory March


As we go through school and look at the world as we find it,
Let us strive that in these years we shall grow each day.
Firm in knowledge of the goal that we all must work for,
To be strong, and staunch, and true.
To be strong, and staunch, and true our whole life through.
From this knowledge then will stem Christian love and commitment,
At a moment in our life when the world is torn.
And the question we must ask only we can answer.
Do we care enough to pledge
The involvement of our life for all mankind?


Saint John Vianney High we’re true.
Our loyal hearts are all with you.
With colors gold and white in sight.
Shouting Lancers, Lancers,
Go fight, team, fight!
Our team will always bring us fame.
As we go on to win each game.
Our Lancer team cannot be stopped.
Saint John Vianney remains on top!