Religious Purpose

As a Catholic institution, Saint John Vianney High School strives to be in line with the life-giving Spirit of God, the leader who guides and teaches us so lovingly throughout our educational and spiritual journey as one. With awareness of God's steadfast love for His people, Saint John Vianney High School does not tire of tending to the needs of its students, both academically and religiously. With careful attention to the traditions of prayer, service, and morality that make up the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church, students will learn to respect this background of faith while cultivating personal responsibility and maturity in and of themselves.

Message - Community - Service

All religious education is formation in Christ. Saint John Vianney High School recognizes the need to offer young men and women opportunities to grow in faith, which becomes living, conscious and active, through the light of instruction.

Certain basic teachings are necessary for doctrinal substance and stability. Following the lead of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Saint John Vianney High School has as its threefold purpose a commitment to Message, Community, and Service. This threefold commitment is central to instruction in every academic discipline at Saint John Vianney High School.

Therefore, it is imperative that those who teach and work at Saint John Vianney High School express an integration of religious beliefs and values in their private and professional lives.

Furthermore, it is our hope that the students who attend Saint John Vianney High School will come to make a commitment to Gospel values and realize the centrality of Christ in their lives.

The religious purpose of the school will be accomplished with efforts focused on the following:

  • MESSAGE - The Importance of Prayer. We are a praying people who are mature in our own faith; therefore, we will teach prayer by common prayers and informal prayer suited to the needs of the individual.
  • COMMUNITY - Participation in the Liturgy. Liturgy educates, teaches, forms community, and necessitates service to others. Mass will be offered at announced times for the entire school community, as well as for small groups of students.
  • SERVICE - Taking Part in Service Projects. As Christian men and women, we have a need to go beyond ourselves and reach out to our brothers and sisters in need. That need may be found in our own community at Saint John Vianney High School or the community at large.