Our Reason for Being

Integral Faith-Based Lessons

Saint John Vianney High School holds high expectations for its students in their faith-based learning and academic success. Challenging students academically and spiritually during their high school years provides them with an understanding of the connection between effort and success, which will help them later in life.

By incorporating Catholic identity into each class, our students learn that faith is present in every point of life; it can't be separated from work, school, or any other area. Forming students in their faith while they are impressionable strengthens them against the assault of life's challenges.

Building Blocks For Life

The transmission of Catholic ideals and beliefs comes not only through academics at Saint John Vianney High School. We use the values of our faith to teach good sportsmanship through athletics, sharing experiences in clubs and activities, interacting positively with others on a daily basis, and helping those in need through voluntary community service. We want our students to base everything in their lives on their faith.

As students mature and move beyond Saint John Vianney High School, the memories they cherish and lessons they have learned, based on Catholic identity and ideals, will guide them in decision-making through all aspects of their lives.

Supportive Faculty and Staff

At Saint John Vianney High School, our teachers and staff members provide a valuable support system and help the students form lifelong connections within the community. Over the years, students connect with past teachers and former classmates through special events (such as reunions) and social media (the school maintains Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts). Following Catholic teachings, Saint John Vianney High School encourages diversity among personnel and students, welcoming all regardless of ethnicity, faith, or culture. Every life is precious in God's eyes, and we encourage our community to express this ideal in all aspects of their lives.