Career Opportunities

All prospective applicants must submit a SJVHS employment application, CLICK HERE to download, with their resume and cover letter.

Applications should be emailed to address as specified. No resumes will be considered without a completed application.

Teaching/Athletic/Staff Opportunities:

Thank you for your interest in Saint John Vianney High School. The following positions are currently available:

JV GIRLS' SOCCER COACH - Position is available for the Fall 2023 season. Prior coaching experience is preferred. Individuals interested in applying are asked to email a cover letter, resume, and completed application (CLICK HERE) to the attention of Mr. Mike Alberque, Athletic Director, at DEADLINE: June 16, 2023


ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - The Assistant Principal serves as a member of the administrative team and provides leadership and supervision to the instructional and extracurricular programs. The Assistant Principal assists in school operations to ensure a Catholic school climate that fosters the Catholic educational development of each student. This is a 12-month position.


  • NJ State Standard Principal’s Certificate or Principal Certificate of Eligibility
  • Master’s Degree
  • 3-5 years successful teaching experience or equivalent preferably in a Catholic High School
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in the areas of Catholic High School curriculum development and program evaluations, staff supervision, and school improvement
  • Ability to supervise and guide non-athletic extracurricular activities
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, communication skills, and the ability to work with a team
  • Engage Parents and community members
  • Attend evening/weekend school activities and events outside of normal school hours
  • Extra duties & assignments as assigned by President or Principal
  • Salary to be commensurate with experience and Diocesan suggested salary guide

If interested in the above position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application (CLICK HERE) to the attention of Mr. Steve DiMezza, President, at DEADLINE: May 31, 2023


ALL ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS (FULL-TIME & PART-TIME) FOR THE 23-24 SCHOOL YEAR - Degree in subject area is required. High school teaching experience is preferred. NJ State Certification or Certificate of Eligibility is a plus. Individuals interested in applying are asked to email a cover letter, resume, and completed application (CLICK HERE) to the attention of Mrs. Margaret Kane, Principal, at DEADLINE: May 19, 2023



Saint John Vianney High School is seeking two instructors for our new Junior ROTC Air Force Program. An Air Force Junior ROTC unit typically has one retired officer and one retired enlisted instructor.

Positions to begin immediately.

Salary is $10,000 above the MIP and $2,500 per extra-curricular stipend.

Responsibilities of All Instructors. Instructors will exhibit only the highest levels of personal and professional conduct while serving as an Air Force Junior ROTC instructor. The proverbial "glass house" analogy certainly applies here. Instructors perform duties, accept responsibilities, and meet standards as prescribed by applicable Department of Defense (DoD), Air Force and Air Force Junior ROTC instructions. Instructors will directly supervise all cadets participating in official AFJROTC unit events, AFJROTC community service events, and other unit activities (e.g. drill competitions, curriculum-in-action trips, base visits, etc.) that enhance or supplement the program.

All Air Force Junior ROTC instructors are deeply involved in their communities. They teach Air Force Junior ROTC aerospace science and leadership education curricula. They also serve as liaisons between the Air Force and civilian agencies in the aerospace field, and perform career and performance counseling for AFJROTC cadets.

Instructors devote themselves to cadets in the classroom and during LDRs. Their hard work and devotion have resulted in an Air Force Junior ROTC program that’s highly acclaimed at the local and national level.

Essential Functions of All Air Force Junior ROTC Instructors. To successfully serve as an AFJROTC Instructor, an applicant must be able to:

1) Conduct Academic Classes. An Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor is expected to prepare for and teach periods of instruction of 45 to 90 minutes each, for as many as 4 to 6 periods per day, depending on a particular school’s schedule. Each class period may contain 30 students (possibly more in unusual circumstances) holding a range of ages and maturity levels, and coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Teaching academic classes involves significant organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills, as well as a high degree of patience.

2) Lead Before and/or After-School Activities. An Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor is expected to coordinate and lead a variety of school activities, possibly held before or after each school day, both indoors and outdoors. These activities may include physical training events, academic clubs, rocketry teams, marksmanship teams, along with performing drill instruction and demonstrating drill sequences. Leading extracurricular activities involves significant organizational skills, strong team-building skills, and physical stamina.

3) Lead Off-Campus Events. An Air Force Junior ROTC instructor is expected to lead field trips to historical sites, visits to local government agencies and military installations, and to march in parades with their cadets. Leading off campus events involves significant organizational skills, physical stamina, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

4) Be an Ambassador of the Air Force. An Air Force Junior ROTC instructor is expected to exemplify a positive image of the Air Force at all times by conducting themselves in a highly professional manner in both their words and their actions. Additionally, an Air Force Junior ROTC instructor is expected to maintain a professional military appearance in uniform, and to comply with Air Force Junior ROTC weight and body fat standards.

5) Complete any additional state and/or local school district mandated teacher certification or continuing education requirements. Any additional certification requirements above the basic Air Force Junior ROTC instructor certification must be accomplished at no expense to the Air Force.

6) Successfully incorporate Air Force Junior ROTC-approved interactive learning software/hardware with classroom instruction, and have a competent knowledge of curriculum planning, Air Force educational programs, drill and ceremonies, and educational administration, including tests and measurements. Academic, administrative, logistical, financial support tasks, and after-school activities will be equally shared by all instructors as regular duties.

7) Complete the mandatory Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Certification Course (JICC) as a condition of certification.

Individuals interested in applying for these positions are asked to contact Mr. Rich Lamberson, Assistant Principal, at or 732-739-0800 x114.

For more information about AFJROTC please visit Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (

DEADLINE: June 15, 2023


SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS - Applications are being accepted for the 22-23 school year. Possession of a NJ Teaching Certificate or a NJ Substitute Teacher Certificate is a plus or applicant must be eligible with 60 college credits to apply for a substitute certificate. Prior teaching experience is preferred. Individuals interested in applying for this position are asked to email a cover letter, resume, and completed application (CLICK HERE) to the attention of Mrs. Margaret Kane, Principal, at


BUS DRIVERS NEEDED - Availability for varied shifts: Morning only routes; Afternoon only routes; or Minimum of 4 hours per day, plus field trips and event runs. School holidays and weekends off. CDL(B)-P-S & clean driving record required. $26 per hour. School tuition discount offered. Please email cover letter, resume, and completed application (CLICK HERE) to the attention of Mr. Rich Lamberson at

Saint John Vianney High School is an equal opportunity employer to the extent that it is not called to act in a manner contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church or to diminish its rights as a religious organization. Saint John Vianney High School reserves the right to determine whether and under what circumstances priority should be given to Catholics for certain positions. All employees are prohibited from performing, teaching, or advocating in the workplace any practices of doctrines which are inconsistent with religious tenets of the Catholic faith.