Saint John Vianney High School ReceiveS Accreditation

AdvancED Accredidation in Holmdel NJ - Saint John Vianney High School

AdvancEd (recently changed to Cognia) is an internationally recognized accrediting agency. It has accredited over 32,000 institutions in 71 countries that serve over 20 million students. Using a standards-driven and student-centered evaluation approach of evaluation, its goal is to assist educators in our Catholic schools ensure that they are providing exceptional 21st century educational experiences to their students.

The Diocese of Trenton's Catholic schools, elementary and secondary schools, embarked on a year-long (2014-2015) self study. This involved all stake holders (students, parents, faculty, staff) to complete surveys. These surveys gathered data that was used to compile a self-assessment of the AdvancEd standards - purpose and direction, governance and leadership, teaching and assessing for learning, resource and support systems, and using results for continuous improvement.

Detailed summary reports were filed for each school and the Diocese as a whole. Members of an AdvancEd team visited the Diocese and several of the schools in the Diocese. They conducted interviews, reviewed documentation, and observed classrooms to assess student engagement.

The results of this visitation and assessment for the Diocese of Trenton illustrated that our schools exceeded the AdvancEd Network Average in most areas of evaluation. They also concluded that there are several areas that need to be focused on for improvement.

Please CLICK HERE to access the report that was released by the Diocese of Trenton, Office of Catholic Education for complete details.