Benefits of Enrolling in a Catholic School

Saint John Vianney High School has served Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties in New Jersey since 1969, developing a reputation for academic excellence. But as a devoted Catholic institution, we're also dedicated to serving God according to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. If you’re still weighing your child’s secondary educational options, consider these unique benefits of Catholic school.

  1. 1. An immersive, faith-based community.

A Catholic education offers opportunities for spiritual growth as well as intellectual development. Like most Catholic schools, Saint John Vianney High School endeavors to go beyond academics to stoke the flames of faith in each of our students. Our curricula incorporate essential religious teachings that will guide SJV graduates to success in post-secondary education and throughout their lives.

  1. 2. Exceptional graduation and college entrance rates.

Thanks to rigorous academic standards, small class sizes and more, Catholic schools such as St. John Vianney High School consistently outperform public institutions on annual graduation and college acceptance rates. This could be attributed to any number of benefits afforded at schools like SJV, from our supportive faculty and staff to our thriving student community. In fact, over 99% of our graduates go on to college, often attending such noted institutions as Cornell University, Harvard University, University of Alabama and many more.

  1. 3. Parent involvement.

Faith-based institutions understand the role of parents as a crucial source of quality instruction in any student’s life. While our instructors each seek to provide students with able guidance, these efforts are best complemented by active parental involvement. SJV offers two parent organizations – the Parent-Teacher Association and the Black & Gold Sport and Activity Club – to foster engagement among all families of our students.

  1. 4. A focus on success.

Our commitment to faith works hand in hand with our dedication to our students. To help students reach their full potential, we offer thorough college preparatory courses along with several opportunities to bolster their education, including Advanced Placement courses and the Early College Academy, which allows students to receive an Associate’s Degree from Brookdale Community College.

To learn more about the benefits of Catholic school, contact Saint John Vianney High School today.