Specialized Music Instruction

SJVHS offers students an opportunity to participate in the Specialized Music Instruction Program. Research shows that students who participate in music programs grow socially, show increased confidence, and perform better on standardized tests. Student participation in this specialized instruction program is optional, but greatly encouraged. There is no extra fees for this program and students do not need to own an instrument.

This exciting opportunity is geared towards students of every level of musical ability. Whether a student does not own or has never played an instrument before or has many years of experience, this program will help a student grow in his or her skills and give your child opportunities to learn and perform with other students in the band.

Students will attend the music lesson once per week on a rotating schedule. A student will not miss more than one half a block (35 minutes) of one class per week.

Students who participate in the Specialized Music Instruction Program will be expected to perform at the school concerts and participate in school functions. Students who participate in the program will receive 6 gold and white points because their participation in the program and the concerts will be considered service to the school.