Policies and Procedures

Procedures and Policies

1.) Form a Reunion Committee - This will help to reach out to more alumni in order to have a better turnout. We ask that there is only one direct contact with SJVHS. This cuts back on any miscommunication. This committee will be responsible for all the decision making for the reunion. They will decide the payment options, whether invitations will be sent out or not, and all other reunion related decisions that have to be made.

2.) Committee’s Responsibility - find the venue and set the date for the reunion. When a date and venue have been decided on please have a contract sent to SJVHS. It can be emailed to meany@sjvhs.com.

3.) Pricing - Set the final price with the Advancement Office. This price must cover, the venue, DJ, decorations, favors, name tags, etc.

4.) Invitations - If the reunion committee decides to send out invitations, SJVHS will either design something for you or you can design something and we will print them and mail them for you. You will get final approval if we design the invitations for you. This cuts down on costs as well. Many classes also make a Facebook page to keep their class up to date. We highly recommend each class doing this. But, please remind fellow classmates that they must officially RSVP to the reunion committee.

5.) RSVP Date - must be two weeks before the event. The SJVHS Business Office needs time to process the checks that are needed. Again all payments must go through SJVHS, either by mail or online.

6.) Other Considerations - Items that you may need are centerpieces, name tags and favors. Most venues provide centerpieces. If they do not SJVHS has centerpieces that can be used if you choose. Providing favors is up to the reunion committee. Many classes have opted out of favors to cut down on costs. But again, that is up to the committee. SJVHS will reimburse any items purchased for the reunion. SJVHS must approve any items and budget before any purchases are made. All receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.

We ask that any money that is left over be donated back to SJVHS. This will be included in the Annual Fund and will be listed as a gift from your class.

7.) Cancellation Policy - SJVHS has the right to cancel a reunion if the minimum required is not met. All purchases must be approved by the Advancement Office for all reunions.