Financial Awards

The following awards are need-based awards. The student must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA and have limited minor discipline issues with the faculty and Dean’s Office to continue to receive the award. The awards are reviewed annually in February and June and the school reserves the right to withdraw the award. All awards will be based on financial need. You must complete the financial assistance application.

JAMES FOSTER - The recipient of the Dr. James Foster Catholic Faith and Education Award will receive financial assistance to further their education and spiritual growth. Additionally, they will be recognized as a torchbearer of Dr. James Foster's legacy, inspiring others to embrace their Catholic faith with joy, curiosity, and a desire for continuous learning.

MARY LOU MERRITT - The Mary Lou Merritt Award is a highly esteemed award offered at Saint John Vianney High School as a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable contributions of Mary Lou Merritt. This award aims to honor Mary Lou Merritt's unwavering dedication to the Christian service program, which she carried out with love, enthusiasm, and a spirit of genuine care.

LOYALTY - High School as a sincere gesture to families who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and loyalty to the school community. This award is specifically dedicated to families who are enrolling their third or more children at SJV, symbolizing the deep and enduring relationship they have forged with the school.

LEGACY - The Legacy Award celebrates and appreciates families who have chosen Saint John Vianney as their educational home for multiple generations. It acknowledges the trust and confidence these families have placed in the school to provide a high-quality education, a nurturing environment, and a Catholic value-based education for their children.

FATHER CAPANO - As the founding Principal, Father Capano's guiding mission was to create an environment where students could experience both intellectual and spiritual growth. He believed in the transformative power of Catholic education and worked tirelessly to provide interested families with the opportunity to attend a high school that fostered not only academic achievement but also deepened their faith and spiritual understanding.

JOSEPH DEROBA - The Joseph Deroba Leadership Award is offered at SJV in honor of its former president and principal, Joe Deroba. This award aims to recognize and support students who embody Joe Deroba's exceptional leadership qualities, and passion for extracurricular activities, while also demonstrating a commitment to upholding the school's policies with fairness and integrity.

JOANNE BENT - This award is designed to support and encourage students who exhibit a passion for academic excellence, innovative thinking, and a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment within the school community. Joanne Bent's dedication to advancing educational practices and designing new academic programs has left a lasting impact on the school's academic landscape, and this award seeks to continue her legacy by nurturing and empowering the next generation of academic innovators.

JULIE MICHAELS - Through the Julie Michaels Student Activities Award, Saint John Vianney High School seeks to honor the invaluable contributions of Julie Michaels and to ensure that her vision of a lively, connected, engaged student body, that helped create lifelong friendships remains an integral part of the school's culture for generations to come.

SAINT JOHN VIANNEY - The "Saint John Vianney Award" is a prestigious financial honor offered at Saint John Vianney High School, paying homage to the school's patron saint and his exemplary life of faith, dedication, determination, and selflessness. Saint John Vianney, known as the Cure of Ars, serves as an inspiring role model for the school community, and this award celebrates students who strive to embody his virtues and qualities.

KNOWLEDGE, COMMITMENT, INVOLVEMENT - The Knowledge, Commitment, Involvement Award recognizes students who demonstrate a genuine passion for learning, and consistently strive for academic excellence. These students go above and beyond in their service to others, showcasing a strong commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of those around them. These students exemplify the spirit of engagement and enthusiasm for the school community. They are students who embrace the assorted opportunities offered at SJV to get involved in various clubs, teams, organizations, and events.

Please contact Patti Gilmartin with any questions, or 732-739-0800 Ext. 155.