Tuition Assistance Scholarships

All tuition assistance scholarships are financial based and awarded at the discretion of the Administration and Scholarship Committee.

All families must apply for Tuition Assistance and submit a letter of interest for consideration of any of the listed scholarships below.

For questions regarding tuition assistance scholarships, please contact Kelly Meany. or 732-739-0800 ext. 144

John and Sylvia Resta Memorial Scholarship

The family of John Resta, Class of '79 and his wife Sylvia established this scholarship in memory of the couple who were victims of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center. John, along with his siblings, Christine '75, Dawn '81 and Michael '78 all attended SJVHS. The scholarship is awarded to a practicing Catholic from the Bayshore Area.

Audrey Gomez Memorial Scholarship

Audrey's family, teammates and friends established the Audrey Gomez Scholarship in January 2002 after her passing. Audrey was an exceptional athlete, student and friend. Her legacy as a Lady Lancer still lives on. The scholarship is awarded to a student in financial need.

The Margaret T. Lenihan Scholarship

The family of Margaret T. Lenihan, whose 17 grandchildren attended SJVHS, established a memorial scholarship in her name for a student in financial need.

Ms. Maz Scholarship

The Ms. Maz Scholarship was established in memory of Monica Mazurkiewicz who served in the religious department at SJVHS from 1977-1999. She devoted her teaching career to SJVHS seniors during their time in the Christian Service program. The recipient of this scholarship must be a junior, in financial need, and must exhibit either excellence in their religious studies or an extraordinary commitment to their community service.

Kevin Haran Memorial Scholarship

The Kevin Haran Scholarship was established by the family, friends and teammates of Kevin, Class of '99. The candidate must be in financial need and show a dedication and discipline in their athletic and academic career.

Daniel Falco Memorial Scholarship

The Daniel Falco Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Daniel by his friends and family. Daniel was a wonderful student, friend, wrestler and football player. Daniel passed suddenly during his sophomore year at SJVHS. The scholarship is intended to recognize a student athlete who represents the same high character, catholic morals, personal fortitude, discipline and dedication demonstrated by Daniel during his time at SJVHS. The candidate is chosen through a selection committee.

Friends and Family of SJVHS Scholarship

Established by friends and alumni at SJVHS and awarded to a student in financial need.