Scholarship Information

Saint John Vianney High School offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. The information listed below is for the 2019-2020 School Year.

The Lancer Scholarship is given out to four incoming freshmen each year. Each recipient will receive $500 annually for four years. Please review the application process.

Merit Scholarships are based solely on the academic merit of the student. The President's Merit Scholarship, the Principal's Merit Scholarship and the Sister Bernadette Larson, MSC Merit Scholarship are given out to incoming freshmen and are renewed annually. Please review application process.

Reverend Monsignor Strano Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one 8th grade student from each of the following parishes: Saint Benedict Church, Saint Clement Church and Saint Ann Church. The candidate must be a registered and practicing parishioner. Each student will receive a 4 year scholarship of $6,000 annually. This amount will not decrease or increase over the 4 years at SJVHS. Please review the criteria and application process.

Tuition Assistance Scholarships are solely based on the financial needs of each student. If you are in financial need you must apply for Tuition Assistance first in order to be considered for any Tuition Assistance Scholarships. There is no application process for Tuition Assistance Scholarships. All scholarship recipients are determined by our Scholarship Committee.

The Kenneth Szyarto Memorial Scholarship has been formed by the Szyarto family and SJV alumni in memory of former athletic director, and longtime friend. The Kenneth Szyarto Memorial Scholarship will be given to one incoming freshmen each year. The scholarship recipient will receive $2,000 annually for four years. In order to be considered for the Kenneth Szyarto Memorial Scholarship, the following criteria must be met: Applicants must be a resident of Monmouth County, have at least a B average, must be in financial need(family must apply for tuition assistance), the candidate must be involved in extracurricular activities, and desire a Catholic High School education. Report cards will also be reviewed along with Placement Test Scores. Interested students must complete the application process by November 16, 2018 for consideration. The student must remain in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 and have no disciplinary problems during their SJVHS career.

For more information regarding scholarships please contact Kelly Meany,