Writing in Content Areas

In response to its students’ lack of writing practice in non-English courses, Saint John Vianney High School implemented a Writing Across the Curriculum Program in the 1990’s.

Since that time, the program has evolved into Writing in Content Areas, stressing the need for students to develop writing skills within each individual content area. This practice is one which has been adopted at the post-secondary level during the early 2000’s and is now almost universal. Our students learn the necessary skills for producing researched papers, arguments, comparison/contrast essays, etc. within each content area, thus enhancing their success rates in the post-secondary institutions they choose to attend and in their future career positions.

Saint John Vianney High School’s philosophy in implementing its Writing in Content Areas Program focuses on the following underlying principles:

  • Writing is the responsibility of the entire academic community
  • Writing must be integrated across departmental boundaries
  • Writing instruction must be continuous during all four years of attendance at SJVHS
  • Writing promotes learning
  • Only by practicing the conventions of an academic discipline will students begin to communicate effectively within that discipline

Highschool Writing Program in Holmdel NJ - Saint John Vianney High School