Student Achievements

Catholic High School in Monmouth County, NJ - Saint John Vianney High School

Class of 2015 SAT scores

  • Better than 97% of the Class of 2015 has taken SATs.
% of Class CR Reading Math Writing
Top 10 725 715 708
Top 10 % 645 682 647
Top 25% 605 620 611
Entering 4 year colleges 533 536 538
  • 88% of the Senior Class completed their four-years with a “B” or better GPA.

2015 Advanced Placement Test Results

  • 211 students took 286 exams; 7 were freshmen (World History), 40 were sophomores (taking Biology, Physics and American History), 64 were juniors and 100 were seniors.
  • 286 Advanced Placement Exams were taken in twelve different subjects.
  • 285 were taken as a result of an Advanced Placement course offered at Saint John Vianney.
  • 66 % of the Class of 2015 scored 3 or higher on at least one AP exam. 20 seniors were named AP Scholars. Of the 20, 10 were with Distinction and 2 were with Honors. A total of 286 AP exams were administered.

The SJV Early College Academy is a program in which academically sound high school students begin college in the 9th grade and will have the ability to earn an Associate of Arts degree from Brookdale Community College by the time they graduate from high school.

You can see where students who graduate from SJVHS go with the listing of some of the finest colleges/universities into which our students were accepted.