Library/Media Center

The mission of the Saint John Vianney High School Library/Media Center follows the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. The SJV Media Center makes available a wide range of materials for academic, professional, and religious use. Our main focus shall be to serve the student body and faculty of Saint John Vianney High School as we continue our journey in the education of our students in the 21st century. The Library/Media Center will continually keep current with technology and use it to network with outside sources of information to expand the knowledge base of our users. We shall also continue to emphasize the presence and importance of print material, in all of its formats, along with digital resources.

The Library/Media Center promotes the learning of information literacy skills that provide students with the knowledge they will need to achieve their academic goals. The staff collaborates with the Saint John Vianney community to create a 21 st Century learning environment, to empower students to become life-long learners, and to promote the effective use of information technology. The Library/Media Center integrates media of all types including print materials, electronic references, online subscription resources, and production and presentation equipment. The Library/ Media Center also serves as the school’s technology center where all aspects of the school’s technology initiative are addressed.



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