Graduation Requirements

High school graduates gathered for graduation ceremony in gymAll students must carry a full schedule. To graduate from Saint John Vianney High School, students must acquire 150 credits. Students are required to complete an approved course of study which includes the following:

  • Theology - 4
  • English - 4
  • Mathematics - 3
  • Fine, Practical & Perf.Art - 1
  • Physical Ed/Health - 4 *
  • Lab. Science - 3
  • U.S. History - 2
  • World Hist/Cultures - 1
  • To Advance to 10th Grade - 35 credits
  • To Advance to 11th Grade - 70 credits
  • To Advance to 12th Grade - 110 credits
  • To Graduate - 150 credits

*Students taking 2 or more AP courses in one year are exempt from the PE/Health requirement for that same year.

*In order to earn a diploma from SJVHS, a student must be enrolled full-time in his/her senior year and be taking a full schedule of approved SJVHS courses. All seniors must pass both marking periods in Term 2 to complete requirements for a diploma.


All colleges are looking for candidates who have pursued the most rigorous program of studies that is available. Naturally, each college and each major has its own specific requirements, but the list below with designated content area courses can be used as a base on which to plan. All students who apply to colleges will have the minimum. It is best to offer more.