College Credit Courses

In order for your child to have the best opportunities available, Saint John Vianney High School offers several programs and a range of courses that offer opportunities for our students that are beyond the typical high school curriculum choices. With the Early College Academy in partnership with Brookdale Community College, Course Ahead Program through Georgian Court University, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and the dual-enrollment classes through Brookdale College, Georgian Court University, University of Delaware, and Seton Hall University, the college credit courses available at Saint John Vianney High School truly give your child the advantage of higher education at an early age. The rigorous coursework and excellent instruction provide a high quality foundation for lifelong curiosity and learning.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses offered during high school. The College Board, the same organization that writes the SATs, administers an examination during the first weeks of May each school year for each AP course. The score on this test is what individual universities will use to determine whether or not they offer students credit for the class. SJVHS is excited to offer a wide array of AP courses, including:

Art History Physics 1
Biology Physics 2
Calculus AB Statistics
Calculus BC Studio Art
Chemistry United States Government
English Language & Composition United States History
English Literature & CompositionWorld History


In addition to our Early College Academy, Saint John Vianney High School has arranged for academically advanced students to take a number of courses through local colleges and universities for a reduced tuition rate. Our prestigious faculty members teach the courses on our campus during the regular school day - no extra time or travel is required of the student. The grade that a student earns counts toward his/her high school diploma. A student will generate a college transcript while in high school. Our current offerings include:


American Civilization I

Introduction to Psychology

American Civilization IIProgramming I
Computer Logic & Design

Programming II

Database Concepts


English Composition: The Writing Process

Short Story

English Composition Writing & Research

System Analysis & Design

DE Anatomy & Physiology DE Drawing I (Grades 9* - 12)

DE Christian Tradition (Grade 12)

DE Foundations of Exercise Science & Wellness (Grades 11 & 12)
DE Introduction to Business & Personal Finance (Grades 9 - 12)

DE Macroeconomics
DE Microeconomics
DE Financial Accounting
DE Management Theory & Organizational Behavior

DE Entrepreneurship Experience


If your child has the intellectual drive to participate in college-level courses while still in high school, he or she can reap life-long benefits. Taking any of our college credit courses will help to prepare your child for the demands of college. However, these opportunities can also broaden their scholastic horizons at a young age, so that by the time they enter college they will be less overwhelmed and able to find and pursue their academic passion.


All accepting institutions require the receipt of an official Brookdale Community College, Seton Hall University, or Georgian Court University transcript. The majority of college institutions require a grade of "C" or better in order for the student to receive credit for a course. Students who plan to attend other colleges or universities should contact their institutions' Admission or Registrar Office in order to determine their policy. Since policies do change suddenly, we strongly suggest all students inquire directly at the university/college of their choice. Brookdale Community College, Seton Hall University, University of Delaware, and Georgian Court University cannot guarantee that every course will be accepted by every institution.