Block Scheduling

Saint John Vianney High School, Holmdel, NJ, offers a high-quality Catholic high school education designed to prepare students for college and beyond. At Saint John Vianney High School, we utilize block scheduling as our class-meeting format. We feel block scheduling can promise a better, broader, more focused education to our students that mainly live in Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties.

What is A Block Schedule?

Traditional middle and high school scheduling places students in six or seven 40 to 50-minute classes daily. In contrast, Saint John Vianney High School’s block schedule enrolls students in only four 77-minute classes per semester for a total of eight courses per school year. With this format, courses that would usually take students one year to complete are complete in one semester.

What are the Benefits of Block Scheduling?

Research shows that students using block scheduling learn faster and more productively due to the increased class time. This additional time allows an in-depth approach to learning which increases students’ focus on the subject matter. Block scheduling is similar to the course schedule that students will experience in college, thus better preparing them for higher education.

Another benefit of block scheduling is that it affords students more opportunities to complete Advanced Placement courses for college credit or enroll in our Early College Academy. These courses allow students to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts in Social Science or Associate of Science in Computer Science degree from Brookdale Community College. Saint John Vianney is proud to be the only Catholic high school in Monmouth County that offers a college credit partnership with a public college.

Teachers benefit from block scheduling’s increased class time per session. They can incorporate small group discussions and entire class activities: student presentations, labs, research, etc.

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Block scheduling is only one of the many tools used at Saint John Vianney High School to ensure a high-quality college preparatory education. Based in Holmdel, NJ, we offer our curriculum to students living in Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean counties, and other surrounding areas. Learn more, meet with a member of our Admissions Team, or CONTACT US to enroll your child today.

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