SJV's Student and Faculty/Staff Awards

Student of the Month

Each month of the school year, each Academic Department recommends a student to be honored as Student of the Month. Student selection is based on noteworthy achievement and improvement, along with no discipline record for the month. Please congratulate these students and encourage them to continue their good work.

By teachers’ vote, the following students were selected to be Saint John Vianney’s Students of the Month for December 2019:

Grade 9

  • Emma Dasaro (Fine Arts)
  • Frank Blunda (Music)
  • Ashely Sofiikanich (Social Studies)

Grade 10

  • Rebecca Valdes (English)
  • Taniya Lightbourne (Science)

Grade 11

  • Lousi Cupo (Business/Technology)
  • George Anderson (Physical Education/Health)
  • Julia DiFazio (World Language)

Grade 12

  • Kennedy Williams (Technology)
  • Emily Ferris (Mathematics)

Honor Rolls

At the conclusion of each marking period, many Saint John Vianney High School students are recognized for outstanding academic performance in their classes. Students who receive A's in all four of their classes achieve High Honors status, and students who receive a combination of A's and B's achieve Honor Roll status.

Year End Awards

At the end of the school year, Saint John Vianney High School recognizes our students for their outstanding achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, and community service.

Educator and Staff Member of the Year

Outstanding Catholic Educator and staff member Qualifications and Criteria

Any Catholic School Educator in the Diocese of Trenton is eligible. The nominee should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of three years’ experience in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Trenton.
  • Model Catholic Christian values, both publicly and privately, in the school and in the parish.
  • Demonstrate the ability to inspire and motivate students to pursue excellence.
  • Be successful in conceiving and implementing innovations and improvements in educational programs and practices.
  • Excel in human relations, especially as evidenced by the respect of colleagues, parents and students.
  • Show evidence of continual development.
  • Demonstrate qualities of service and leadership to the school.

Note: Outstanding Staff Member of the Year Award was added for 2018.

2019Jessica Gadaleta and Anthony Caravella
2018 Jennifer Garrity and David Tuschmann
2017 Margie Burns
2016 Judy Smith
2015Albina Bellia
2014Alfred Simone
2013Margaret Kane
2012Marie Costa
2011 Flo D'Elia
2010Thomas McLoughlin
2009Mary Wirth
2008Patricia Chapman
2007Joseph Fano
2006Margie Burns
2005Sarah Sartiano
2004Judith Jones
2003Ellen Decker
2002Ana Valentine
2001Jane Pierson
2000Judy Cumbia

Gold & White

The purpose of this award is to recognize students who embody the school motto of:

Knowledge, Commitment, and Involvement.

The Gold & White Award recognizes those who participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities with merit. A MINIMUM number of points is required in pre-determined categories. The balance of points may be from the student’s choice of activities.

Check our Calendar-Handbook for details required for earning this award.