At Saint John Vianney High School, we’re dedicated to offering students the best opportunities possible to learn, grow, and prepare for meaningful careers. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to offer students chances to challenge themselves with advanced placement (AP) and dual-enrollment courses – while earning credits transferable to almost any college. On our campus, located in Holmdel, New Jersey (Monmouth County), our AP Academy takes students beyond the typical high school curriculum and opens doors to robust coursework and a bright future for our graduates.

A Head Start on College

In the fall of 2017, Saint John Vianney High School began offering our AP Academy. Over four years, students take a selection of AP and dual-enrollment courses, which provide challenging overviews of key topics in a students’ education. Students will earn almost a full year’s worth of college credits as a significant head start on higher education.

There is a limit on the number of AP courses students can gain credit from, and AP Academy is designed to take participants to that limit. We also supplement those credits with dual- enrollment courses from our university partners at Brookdale Community College (BCC) and Georgian Court University (GCU), offering students an even more accelerated start after graduating from Saint John Vianney High School.

AP Academy Track Options

Upon admittance to our AP Academy, students can choose one of two tracks, which will shape the theme of their college-level coursework. It’s a focused first step toward higher education in liberal arts or mathematics and science. Each track includes both AP courses and dual-enrollment for a comprehensive education:


Students interested in a liberal arts education can take their first step with our Liberal Arts AP track. This is a broad path that covers history, theology, languages, art and literature, government, psychology, and key concepts in mathematics and science. It also offers two electives so students can focus their education on what interests them.

Mathematics and Science

For students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, this track covers a full range of mathematics and scientific topics. Carefully chosen liberal arts topics allow students to finish their college’s or university’s general education requirements early. The focus, however, is on math and science. All four years dive deep into chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, calculus, and more.

Graduation and Credit Requirements

AP Academy has the same graduation requirements as any other program at Saint John Vianney High School. Students must acquire 150 credits over the course of their four-year education, including a certain number of credits in each subject (though AP Academy students are exempt from physical education and health course requirements). They must also be enrolled full-time in their senior year.

To earn college credit, students must sit for AP exams in May of the school year. Students’ performance and grades on these exams will determine whether they earn transferable credits. We take pride in preparing students for these exams, evidenced by the fact that thousands of colleges and universities nationwide have accepted our students’ AP exam scores.

Enroll in AP Academy Today

Enroll your child today by contacting Saint John Vianney High School. Our campus in Holmdel, NJ, educates students from throughout the area, with many of our learners hailing from Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean Counties. To learn more about our AP Academy, how advanced placement courses work, and how your child can take advantage of this head start, contact our Guidance Office today.

Curriculum Map for the Mathematics/Science AP Academy - Class of 2024

Curriculum Map for the Liberal Arts AP Academy - Class of 2024

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