Academic Integrity

Inherent in the stated goals of Saint John Vianney High School is the commitment to mold moral individuals who adhere to the highest ethical standards. In conformance with these goals, Saint John Vianney High School insists that all students produce their own work. Saint John Vianney High School will not tolerate violations of academic integrity, which include cheating, plagiarism, and the theft of academic materials. A student who cheats is dishonest, deceitful, and fraudulent. Plagiarism, a form of cheating, is dishonest because it is the stealing of others’ ideas or words and passing them off as one’s own. Saint John Vianney High School, as well as every other academic and professional institution, strictly prohibits academic cheating and plagiarizing. Saint John Vianney High School students must adhere to an Academic Honesty and Integrity Code.

Please use the following links to attain a better understanding of and be better able to recognize plagiarized materials: Plagiarism Information sites from University of California at Berkeley and Purdue University.

Education Week Article: "Studies Find Cheaters Overinflate Academic Ability"

Saint John Vianney High School's Honesty and Academic Integrity Policy

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