SJV Advisory Council

The Advisory Council at Saint John Vianney High School has been in existence for over 25 years.

The purpose is to bring together distinguished people from various backgrounds and occupations to establish a volunteer leadership council to assist SJVHS in fulfilling its mission.

The Advisory Council is an advisory body which has no responsibility or authority with respect to the daily administration and operation of the school.

Executive Board
Mr. Joseph F. DerobaPresident
Mr. Steven C. DiMezzaPrincipal
Mrs. Jennifer Kleinert
Mrs. Michele Boyer
Vice Chairperson
Council Members
Dr. Margaret Boland
Diocesan Liaison

Mr. George Destafney

Mr. Steven Kiselick

Mr. Peter McGuigan

Mr. Stephen Papetti

Ms. Kim Pillar

Rev. Thomas Vala

Mr. Vincent Vita

Consulting Members
Mr. William Feraudo

Mr. Donald Lomurro